About the Plan

An Intentional Future

Writing a Comprehensive Plan allows communities to discover and fortify their defining core values. What makes New Brighton, Daugherty, Fallston and Pulaski great places to live? What is important about the local landscape, the history and the people who have made these places home? What is the best-case scenario for the area's future, and what can we do now to make it a reality? The planning process will explore such questions with local elected and appointed officials, a variety of stakeholders and, most importantly, the public.

This Project

The Implementable Comprehensive Plan has two major phases that will play out over a total 18-month timeline. The first involves listening to the community. We will conduct outreach in a variety of ways to gather perspectives that will help define a set of key issues that are of primary importance to the community. After vetting these with officials and the public, in phase two we drill down for solutions, identifying preferred future scenarios and developing precise, realistic action plans to address key issues. The result will be a highly detailed set of strategies that will be of immediate use to staff, community leaders and partners who can help make the plan's vision come alive.

This project also involves the creation of a Joint Zoning Ordinance. This set of land use regulations is a powerful tool the communities can use to implement the plan and make sure local voices decide how and where future development will play out. Work on zoning will begin as the Implementable Comprehensive Plan nears adoption -- stay tuned!

Who's Involved?

Elected officials from each community have appointed a group of volunteers to direct the planning process, consisting of local leaders, residents and business owners representing a variety of perspectives. Notes from the group's meetings are available for review here.

Members include:

Amanda Albanese

Tom Albanese

Steve Balik

Alyssa DeMarco

Erica Douds

Sharon Kovach

Robert Lizzi

Bill Pasquale

Lisa Peacock

Johnathan Proano

Ted Smakosz

Mark Wagle

Casey Zachodni

Pashek+MTR, a Pittsburgh landscape architecture and community planning studio that pioneered the Implementable Comprehensive Plan model, is facilitating the project with assistance from Herbert, Rowland and Grubic, Inc., which will take the lead in developing the Joint Zoning Ordinance.